Getting the Capital Your Medical Practice Needs

Pillar Funding Solutions offers healthcare financing products to medical practitioners in a wide range of fields. If you qualify, you can secure the capital you need to improve or expand your practice.

Our Products

In addition to improvement loans and expansion loans, we offer the following financing options to our clients.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Lease modern equipment to give your patients the best possible care and finance equipment that you prefer to own outright. We cover up to 50% of soft costs to get you on your way.

Debt Consolidation

If you make multiple loan payments each month, a consolidation loan can help you streamline your bills and save money. Use the funds to pay off your debts and reduce your obligation to one reasonable monthly payment.

Practice Acquisition

This type of loan can help you take over an existing medical practice or buy out a partner.

Working Capital Loan

This flexible source of funding can help you pay for almost any type of business need. You can borrow up to $250,000 with full financials and up to $75,000 with the application alone. You don’t have to make any upfront payments and you have up to 72 months to repay. An added benefit is that these loans are never reported against your personal credit.

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Call Pillar Funding Solutions to learn more about our healthcare financing products. We can answer your questions and send you an application.